Continuing Education Units


  • Compliance Program Fraud Waste and      Abuse Training-D1005-14 – A2   This course will describe the role of      CMS, the elements of a Compliance Program, pertinent laws and regulations      and definitions and examples of fraud, waste and abuse. It will also cover      reporting obligations and mechanisms and describe the difference between a      Compliance Program and a Corporate Integrity Agreement.
  • Blood borne Pathogens (Infection      Control) Training-D1003-14 – A1  Healthcare      workers are at risk of acquiring blood borne pathogens in their day to day      activities. This course covers OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogen Standard (29 CFR      1910.1030)on how one can protect themselves and how to reduce risks.
  • Hazard Communication Training-      D1002-14 – A3  This course      covers the OSHA Hazard Communication Standards and Global Harmonization.      You will learn what the Hazard Communication Standard is. You will be able      to read and interpret SDS sheets as well as what is required of you and      your responsibilities
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training:      D1004-14 – A4  You will learn      what is required by the supplier to be in compliance with the HITECH      Omnibus rule and the HIPAA Privacy & Security requirements set forth      by the Office of Civil Rights. You will be able to understand HIPAA      Security and Privacy as well as what is required of you and your      responsibilities.
  • Sexual Harassment-D1050 (not      required by all States)  This course      covers sexual harassment in the workplace and other forms of      discrimination. This class will cover the Title VII of the Civil Rights      Act of 1964 and the history since.
  • Compliance Education Training, Office      Security, fire safety, disaster preparedness and client safety.  Standards of Conduct, Compliance      Officer  contact, complaints,      grievances, conflict of interest. (This      will be done in-house)


All courses will be completed within the calendar year.  Go to www.oanpedu.com to log in and take each course.  Once completed, a certificate will be issued.  Each employee will be given a login ID to complete this training.  This training will be done either at date of hire, annually or throughout the calendar year.