NYOrtho Convoluted Gel-Foam Cushion



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NYOrtho Convoluted Gel-Foam Cushions improve air circulation via combined dual chambered gel insert within a high density convoluted foam body. This combination helps prevent pressure ulcers, improve patient comfort and correct patient positioning.

RECOMMENDED USE: Patients at risk for pressure ulcers.

  • High-density convoluted foam promotes air circulation
  • Dual-chamber gel provides excellent pressure relief and comfort
  • Low shear, anti-microbial, and fire-resistant fabric all incorporated into one fluid-proof removable cover
  • Slip-resistant bottom with quick-release straps keep cushion in place
  • Meets CA 117-2013

Suggested Ecode: E2607 | E2608  ($180.24 | $216.45)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2", 3"


1616, 1816, 1818, 2016, 2018, 2218, 2418, 242003, B-261803, B-281803, B-301803

Sizing Chart

SIZE2" Height3" HeightBari-Gel Foam 3" Height
16" x 16"9595-CGL1616029595-CGL161603
18" x 16"9595-CGL1816029595-CGL181603
20" x 16"9595CGL-2016029595-CGL201603
20" x 18"9595-CGL2018029595-CGL2018039595BCGL--201803
22" x 18"9595-CGL2218029595-CGL221803
24" x 18"9595-CGL2418029595-CGL2418039595BCGL--241803
26" X 18"9595BCGL--261803
28" X 18"9595BCGL--281803
30" X 18"9595BCGL--301803
30" X 20"9595BCGL--302003


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