Round Snap Electrode (20 pack)


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KS001: 1″ Round Snap Electrode

1 Box=20 Packs (4 Electrodes Per Pack)

Minimum Quantity=1 Box

Kustom Kinetics Speech Therapy Electrodes 

Compatible with Existing Stimulation Units

More Easily Focused on Target Muscle Groups

Total Surface Dispersion

Silver (Ag) Coated Carbon Film for Reduced Impend-ence, Greater Conductivity and Uniform Current Dis-persion.

Highest Quality Materials; Flexible and Durable Con-struction

Molded .080: Wire Connections for Secure Fit

(Patented Pin Connectors)

Reusable Gels for Optimal Electrode Life.

Up To 3 Treatments Per Use

Excellent Customer Service and Support with Competi-tive Pricing.

Usually Able to Ship in 1-3 Days.

ISO Certified

Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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