Comfy Adjustable Cone Hand WHFO




The Comfy™ Adjustable Cone Hand Orthosis is a unique splint that was developed to treat the patient with strong flexion synergy of the fingers and wrist The splint is worn on a lateral side of the arm and has a adjustable hinge at the wrist to help increase wrist extension. The fingers are positioned around a cone. Finger Separators can be placed on a cone to separate fingers and prevent pressure areas. Worn on lateral side of arm. Has an adjustable hinge at the wrist to increase wrist extension. Fingers are positioned around cone.

• Pediatric Sizing

• Ambidextrous

Suggested L-Code: L3915 (custom fit) $458.68 | L3916 (OTS) $458.68

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Weight N/A
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Sizing Chart

SizeWrist to Tip of Middle FingerTotal Length
ACH-101 (adult)7-8"12.5"
PACH-101-L (Pediatric Large)4.5-6"9.5"
PACH-101-M (Pediatric Medium)3-4.5"8"
PACH-101-S (Pediatric Small)2.5-3.5"7"


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