OrthoPro OA-LP Rehabilitator Knee

When ordering please specify left or right; valgus or varus


Delay the Progression of Knee OA!

  • Unique air bladder system to upload knee joint
  • Corrects abnormal OA gait
  • Strengthens quadriceps muscles over time
  • Designed to delay OA progression with routine use


Suggested L-Code:  L1845 (custom) 888.07

The pathological changes in OA gait biomechanics are directly linked to the progression of knee OA. The OA-LP

Rehabilitator Knee Brace corrects abnormal OA gait with routine brace use. With 90 days of daily use, a clinical study

has demonstrated that the gait correcting features of the OA Rehabilitator re-facilitates neurological excitation of

the affected quadriceps muscles leading to increased un-braced dynamic support of the knee joint. Patients on

average added 3/4 inch of quadriceps muscle mass, demonstrated significant reductions in un-braced knee pain

and increased functional capabilities. Most importantly, the knee adduction moment was shown to be reduced by

48% in the un-braced knee compared to a 14% reduction in patients completing 90 days of a supervised exercise

program alone

 Thus the use of the OA – LP Rehabilitator is believed to be more effective than exercise alone in the

conservative treatment of knee OA.

Sizing Chart

Size6" Above Mid Patella4" Below Mid Patella


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