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Kustom Wound Care Solutions (KWCS) is a Wound Consulting company that provides state of the art wound management protocols, including Negative Pressure Wound Therapy to fit the needs of patients who suffer from non healing wounds. We can show facilities how to generate revenue to maximize profit. We can also show facilities how to increase patient census and increase services offered which will increase marketability. We can help set a facility apart from its competition.



KWCS employs a clinical staff with 20 + years experience in wound care to provide support, answer questions, and provide ongoing training to patients and staff.  We pride ourselves in providing service that is equal to none. Our specialty trained staff are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week to ensure prompt and knowledgeable assistance. We always have time to help!

KWCS believes in offering our customers options. We have created several different payment options to consider when contemplating our wound care programs.

KWCS also offers a consulting package which includes such programs as: Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Prevalence and Incidence Study, and ongoing Product Training. We offer these programs in conjunction with specific payment options or separately. The programs and be purchased individually or as a group to best meet the needs of each facility.  We can tailor each program based on a facilities size and specifications.

KWCS is a patient centered company that strives to provide exceptional care, service and products to our customers. Let us partner with you to heal your patients.

What is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)?
Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a treatment for acute and chronic wounds. The treatment requires a vacuum source to create a continuous or intermittent form of negative pressure inside the wound. Doing so removes fluid, exudates, and infectious materials which may promote wound healing and closure. To request a facility rate quote, please fill out the referral form to the right.
History of NPWT
It’s one of the oldest forms of medicinal therapy and dates back centuries. Wound drainage has been implemented for even longer – reported cases trace back to 600 BC in Assyria and Babylon – and vacuuming via heated copper bowls began in 400 BC by the Greeks. The technique and design began to advance as cupping spread west over the centuries, and in 1907, Dr. E. Klapp first used a suction pump on a wound. By the 1970’s, doctors were using drainage canisters help with tissue repair.





In 1985, Dr. Katherine Jeter developed a unique system of products to apply negative pressure to a patient’s wound bed. She pioneered the use of suction to treat wounds utilizing a gauze dressing and wall suction. Dr. Mark Chariker aided in a clinical study and furthered this new revolutionary healing process. They understood that the application of negative pressure to a wound bed had extraordinary effects on a patient’s ability to heal, and they published their findings and advanced the art of wound care in 1989.

Today, NPWT is a widely adopted treatment helping to heal wounds around the world.  Our extriCARE® NPWT system offers a new approach to this healing therapy. The lightweight device allows patients to experience wound healing while being mobile and living more normally without being bedridden. Sources: Wound, Ostomy & Continence Nurses Society™, U.S. Food & Drug Administration; Devon Medical Products

Mission Statement
KWCS is committed to providing Innovative health care solutions,superior medical products and delivering excellence in customer service. We support healthcare professionals in providing the highest level of patient care.



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